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Chef Antelmo Ambrosio

Antelmo is one of Merchants Hospitality’s Award-Winning Culinary Experts. Antelmo oversees the menus and chefs for several of the Company restaurants. Antelmo joined Merchants Hospitality over four years ago, starting out at the critically acclaimed SouthWestNY after its reopening from the 9/11 attack. Credited with raising the quality of the menus, Antelmo takes great pride in his unique recipes and gourmet ingredients used in everything he creates. Through his years of experience, Antelmo’s passion grew and the opportunity arose for him to become Executive Chef. Antelmo’s culinary interests continue to expand and evolve, as he manages to appeal to every kind of palate. Born in Mexico’s Culinary Capital, Oaxaca, Antelmo grew up surrounded by world famous chefs and unique natural ingredients. Now Antelmo uses those very same influences to create incredible flavors and menu experiences for Merchants Hospitality. Antelmo’s culture radiates with each dish that leaves the kitchen, always presenting the guest with that an upscale authentic experience.