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Emmons Hotel

We are creating an umbrella brand for a multi-venue hospitality development that:

Can grow beyond this initial location; a brand that's able to be both localized and efficiently scaled.

Is elevated, exciting, and progressive, but neutral enough to not alienate the potential audience.

Creates a strong sense of place through an authentic brand that sparks a movement in the neighborhood it resides.... & that makes money.

Sheepshead Bay

This development is proposed for a premiere water-front site in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood, located on the most Southern end of Brooklyn, New York. The site is located directly on the waterfront, overlooking Sheepshead Bay, which feeds out into the Atlantic Ocean and the rest of the world.

We have the unique opportunity to re-imagine the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood through the following:

Develop F&B programs worth traveling for. Programs that become not only institutions within the local neighborhood, but also for New York City.

Think day-to-night with programming around the clock; and all year round. This isn't just a Summer fling.

Create a hotel that's both an amenity for locals as much as it is a place to stay for tourists.

Celebrate and bring back the heydays of "Brooklyn's Gold Coast" with offerings that balance sentiment and nostalgia with fresh ideas.